Thank you to all these great 2023 Festival Sponsors

These fine organizations help make our festival possible!

Simpson & Vail Inc., one of the oldest Tea companies in the USA, is a family owned business dedicated to offering quality teas from around the world.
We have over 375 teas (black, green, oolong, decaf, flavored, flowering, white and blends) as well as over 100 herbs and herbal blends. 
All our blends are hand crafted in our facility in Brookfield, CT in small batches to ensure freshness. 
Incorporated in 1929, Simpson & Vail was purchased by Jim & Joan Harron in the mid-70’s and today 2 of their children, Jim and Cyndi, are running the day to day operations.  Over the last 30 years we’ve seen a steady increase in tea’s popularity.  All of us at Simpson & Vail are thrilled to be a part of the tea drinking community and we’re proud of the teas we create for our customer’s enjoyment.


CC Fine Tea works closely with tea growers in China & Taiwan to control every aspect of tea processing and create the highest quality tea products. We import tea directly from our tea gardens and sell directly to customers and businesses in the US.

Our focus is white, green, oolong, black, and pu-erh teas for a wide range of tea drinking satisfaction.

We are known for introducing the Auto Tea Brewer, an innovative steeper which brings out the best in your tea, every time.


​Cured Leaves is a socially conscious tea company promoting wellness and mindfulness though tea drinking. Our partnerships with farms and estates across the continent of Africa allow us to provide premium, top quality African Orthodox Teas while promoting sustainability in various regions. Through business and social initiatives, we improve equity and drive value in communities throughout several regions on the continent of Africa.

​Our primary focus is ensuring women have the tools they need to lead a well-balanced life by using tea as a resource in daily activities. We take on a mindful approach to tea drinking through the use of all senses, allowing the drinker to embody the full experience and benefits of drinking tea while feeling centered and connected to everything around them.

​And that’s what lies at the core of Cured Leaves Tea. It all starts with finding a moment to be still and take care of oneself.

​To learn more, please visit our website

We are a bridge between tea lovers, tea businesses and tea educators.
A portal to the world of tea and a place to learn something new about tea every day of the year.


We make an innovative & delicious collection of wellness latte blends with nourishing superfoods & adaptogenic ingredients. Every ingredient in every blend has a health benefit. We’ve spent years balancing the flavors & are devoted to using only pure, organic, consciously sourced & highest quality ingredients.

SAKU is owned & operated by two international couples from 3 different continents & our passion is sharing health & happiness!