The Awesomeness of the NW Tea Festival

It came and went with a flourish. It was the best year ever. Double the crowds from last year. New vendors, new tastings, new events. It was awesome. Did you attend? Maybe next year.

There were 20 different tea vendors from which to choose your favorite tea, and to try a new tea. With the teacup provided as part of the entry fee, there were samplings galore. It was a wonderful opportunity to try lots of new teas, learning from each vendor, and mingling with other like-minded individuals. 

The classes about all things tea went from the Etiquette of Tea to Tea & Chocolate Pairing. There were classes called A World of Green Teas, Modern Macha, and The Spectrum of Taiwan Oolong. There were classes on the health of tea, and tea cupping. Did you attend? Maybe next year.

It was a grand time of tea-everything for two days. And it’s coming around next year as well. Two days out of 365. Two days of immersion. Two days of total tea experience. Did you attend? Maybe next year.