Golden Moon Coconut Pouchong

I was in the mood for coconut tea. I love the smell, and the taste is refreshing. 

Spying a tin on my tea shelf, I made some hot tea, 185 degrees, for 3 minutes. Wrong Move. It was too hot, weather wise, for hot tea, but my habit of making hot tea kicked in before my brain realized that it was hot outside, and humid. Hot tea just made me feel worse. And sweaty. And cranky.

So I iced it.

Cold, the tea smelled just as wonderful, and I managed to drink a lot more fluid than I thought I would. Core temperature in the body goes up when it’s hot. We feel fatigued, brain fogged, lethargic. We forget to hydrate.

That’s an ideal time for cold tea, and the reason? To keep your brain sharp, and your body functioning. 

Golden Moon’s Coconut Pouchong comes from the South Pacific. Young coconuts instill a sweetness that allows it to be subtle, smooth, and elegant. I thought that it was an Oolong, but the website lists it as a green tea. Actually, because the oxidation level is so low, it can be considered green or Oolong. The thing to remember is: the caffeine content is low, for those for whom it matters.

Hot or cold, this is great tea. 

You can find all sorts of tea at the NW Tea Festival, Oct 4th & 5th, at Fischer Pavilion at the Seattle Center.

Make your own tea discoveries.