Kusmi Tea

Originating in St Petersburg, Russia, but now based in France, Kusmi Tea has been blending tea since 1867. They now sell 65 different teas. I decided to try three that had bergamot added because well, why not? I wanted three, and they were right there on the shelf, calling my name. I was interested to see how other flavors would influence the bergomot.

The first I sampled was Paris, or Bouquet of Flowers #108. Were there 107 previous blendings? Or do they just arbitrarily pick numbers? I always wonder… The tin displays both names, so which is it? Paris? Or Bouquet of Flowers #108? The website says nothing about Paris, but there it is on the tin. 

Oh those Russians………………

Aside from that, the tea was a China, Ceylon, and India tea mix, with scents of bergamot, citrus, and flowers. The bergamot was strong, but the citrus and flowers toned it down nicely.

The other tea similar to that was the Troika, also a China, Ceylon, and India tea mix with a stronger citrus overtone.

For those who like Earl Grey, and bergamot, these teas fit the bill. They are traditional, with a subtle twist.

The third tea, Prince Vladimir, was a straight China tea with, once again, scents of bergamot, citrus, vanilla, and spices. The vanilla was a nice surprise, and this, I felt, was the most even blend. The tea was strong, like a breakfast tea, but no one taste dominated. 

Next time you are at a tea shop, pick up something new. Put down that English Breakfast, and try something else. Don’t keep buying the same, same tea. There are thousands of teas, and tea companies. Get around, brighten up your day, scare your taste buds. Experiment. 

And come to the NW Tea Festival, Oct 4th & 5th at Fischer Pavilion at Seattle Center.