The Loose Leaf

The farmer’s market in San Francisco has the usual fruits and vegetables, and something extra: a tea vendor. The Loose Leaf Tea Company proclaims “tea with a purpose.” You can mix your own for your own ailment or taste, change any of the blends, or buy pre-made, which is what I did.  

I tried the Organic Earl Grey and the Ginger Rush. The Earl Grey was what you would expect, but the Ginger Rush was the interesting tea. Assam black tea and ginger. Two ingredients, that’s it. Easy peasy. Ginger is an acquired taste for most people, and apparently, I have acquired the taste. It’s fascinating what can be added to tea. Almost anything.

There’s an earthy taste to Ginger Rush, and all that ginger, which is helpful for digestion and cholesterol. Does that mean that this would be a good tea to drink with donuts? That’s a future experiment………..

Tea companies are springing up everywhere, which means, people are drinking enough tea to support all these companies. For awhile, anyway. 

It’s nice to see more support for the tea industry, and if you are in Seattle in the Fall, you can find local (to the West Coast) vendors at the Northwest Tea Festival, Oct 4th & 5th, at Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center.

Some fabulous tea tasting will be going on……….