World of Tea Series: A Taste of Spring!

Hosted by Cinnabar Wright (Phoenix Tea)

On March 21st, we celebrated the first day of Spring with a fun and festive tasting of flower infusions! Infusions of flowers are a tradition in several countries, including China and Japan, which are of course known more widely for the production/consumption of true tea (Camellia sinensis). The flowers in the tasting ranged from pure and delicate dried flowers, to true teas scented or combined with flowers, to a cake of aged flowers of the true tea plant. We were surrounded by bright and delicate flavors, and infusions that ranged from pale and delicate to a riot of magenta. If you have never had the opportunity to taste any pure flower infusions this was a fun adventure. if you have already experienced a taste of some of these beverages you probably discovered something new that you were not already familiar with. Either way, this was a great way to launch into Spring!