TeaFairy Culture & Art Center

TEAFAIRY CULTURE & ART CENTER LLC was established in 2019. It is a company that focuses on Chinese tea culture education and tea wholesale. I have run a tea wholesale company in Guangzhou, China for 15 years and have more than ten years of experience in tea culture education. Our Art Center Many public welfare tea lectures and tea tasting activities have been held in Seattle. The first high-end international tea party held in Seattle in May 2021 has also been liked by many tea lovers. This year, the third international tea party will be held In the future, a large-scale international tea party will be held every year. In the past three years, we have also invited tea experts in different fields in China to hold many online tea lectures, sharing the knowledge of tea from production to drinking.

Our company is mainly committed to the dissemination and sharing of Chinese tea culture, and also hopes to share the high-quality tea products of China's six major tea categories with more tea lovers.

If you also like Chinese tea culture, welcome to join our tea party, I will take you to experience the aesthetics of traditional Chinese tea culture, and tea products from six major tea categories in China, to learn about a cup of Chinese tea, starting from Teafairy.