Northwest Tea Festival at World Tea Expo 2017

Northwest Tea Festival Founder and Planning Committee Chair, Julee Rosanoff, will be speaking in a Panel Discussion About Public Tea Festivals at World Tea Expo in Las Vegas on Thursday, June 15th. For those attending the Expo, this panel discussion will provide some valuable insight on how public tea festivals operate.

A panel discussion about the viability of open to the public tea festivals in the US as well as some of the pitfalls of and how-to tips for starting your own festival. Hosted by experienced tea festival organizers and industry educators from across the US, this panel discussion will enlighten you about the growing trend of open to the public tea festivals. The panelists will discuss the future of tea festivals in the US and industry attitudes towards them. Satisfy your curiosity about what everyone involved in a tea festival from sponsors through attendees stands to garner from them. The logistics of starting your own tea festival and some of the challenges of participating in one as a speaker or vendor will also be covered.


Learning Objectives

1. Gain insight into the public response to tea festivals. 
2. Gain direction needed to start a tea festival along with making contacts to support such a venture. 
3. Gain insight about the challenges and rewards of participating in a tea festival as a vendor, speaker or sponsor.