Effie's Homemade

Two friends who have known each other for more than 30 years founded Effie's Homemade. Joan MacIsaac and Irene Costello began their partnership with their  first company, Ruby Chard Cooking Classes.

Whether teaching classes or creating wholesale crackers, crisps and biscuits, we have always believed that great flavors come from quality ingredients, simply prepared.

The inspiration for our company comes from Joan’s mom, Effie MacLellan, and her recipe for oatcakes. Effie grew up on a rural farm in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Like many traditional farmhouse recipes, we realized the uniqueness of oatcakes is in its honest and simple flavors. All of our products are based upon this premise as we rekindle old-fashioned and forgotten recipes.

Also inspiring us are memories of growing up in households where family time revolves around dinner and where company is always welcome. We cherish the time spent at the table sharing stories and laughter alongside homemade meals.

With this in mind we bring you Effie’s Homemade and our unique line of baked goods, always wholesome, always all-natural and always simply delicious.

Irene and Joan