Anna Yee Tea

Anna Ye Tea was founded and owned by Anna Ye, 1st generation Chinese American born to immigrant parents.
We are a specialty tea company based in Queens, New York proudly importing and sourcing premium loose leaf teas exclusively from Việt Nam.
The flavors and characteristics of our teas truly speak to the country’s diverse landscape and rich culture. 
Our mission is to illuminate the country's tea and vibrant tea heritage, champion indigenous craftsmanship, and raise the overall profile of Vietnamese tea in the world. 
Drawing inspiration from the important role that tea plays in Vietnamese culture and in many cultures around the world, we are firm believers that tea is a powerful social connector and cultural bridge. Aside from raising awareness for Vietnamese tea through pop-ups and dedicated classes for the public, we also host private tastings for groups of many sizes– from intimate gatherings to large corporate events.
If you’re new to Vietnamese tea, we would love to introduce you to the wonders that we are so proud to stand behind!