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World of Tea Series: Teas of Kenya

The August 18th World of Tea event was a focused tasting of a wide range of teas grown and produced in Kenya, presented by Cinnabar Wright (Phoenix Tea). There were a variety of teas selected from the categories of white, green, black, and oolong.  Each tea had its own distinctive character and all were true teas from the Camelia sinensis plant.

Thanks to everyone who attended!  As always, we hope you'll join us for the next World of Tea event.

NW Tea Festival Receives 2018 World Tea Award

NW Tea Festival was deeply honored to receive the award for Best Grassroots Tea Education Campaign at World Tea Expo 2018's World Tea Awards.  It's thanks to the tireless efforts of the volunteers, the efforts and support of our sponsors, vendors, and presenters, and most importantly the enthusiastic support of the attendees that have made this festival a success for over 10 years.  Thank you, one and all!

World of Tea Series: Spring is Blooming!

Celebrate Spring on Saturday, April 21st with a fun and festive tasting of flower infusions! Infusions of flowers are a tradition in several countries and this tasting will include examples from a few different areas. The flowers in the tasting will range from pure and delicate dried flower infusions to true teas scented or combined with flowers. We will be surrounded by flavors and infusions that range from pale and delicate to bold and bright. If you have never had the opportunity to taste any pure flower infusions this will be a fun adventure for you.

World of Tea Series: Rare Japanese Teas

Attendees experienced Japanese teas that are considered rare and unique, even within Japan. Heather Porter (Hanamichi) presented a selection of teas produced using unusual methods and teas that are rarely seen outside their growing region. This tasting session included dark teas, aged teas, and at least one tea that has almost ceased to exist.

Thanks to everyone who attended!  We hope you'll join us for the next World of Tea event.

World of Tea Series: Oolong Extravaganza

The August 19th World of Tea event was a tasting of oolong teas, presented by The Happy Tea ManAndrew Goodman.  Andrew brewed, discussed, and told stories about five famous and delicious Oolong Teas; Baozhong, Shan Lin Xi, Tie Kwan Yin, Da Hong Pao, and Phoenix Mountain Dancong Mi Lan Xiang. 

Thanks to everyone who attended!  We hope you'll join us for the next World of Tea event.