Islensk Hollusta - Icelandic Herbal Tea

Although I am not much for herbal (medicinal) teas, I will try anything once, maybe three times. So when one of my friends brought me herbal tea from Iceland, I smelled it (twigs), said thank you, plopped it on the shelf, pushed it to the side, and ignored it for a month. 

You have to let these things age, don’t you? 

 The tea stared back at me, begging to be tasted. I could stand it no more. With a certain amount of“hail-ho”spirit, I made a small pot. 

Let me tell you what’s in it: Iceland moss, birch, angelica. No tea leaves, this is an herbal (medicinal) tisane. Healthy. Helpful for respiration, digestion, circulation. Guards against gout, rheumatism, and water retention. Promotes liver function. 


 All good reasons to drink herbal (medicinal) teas except………I drink tea for it’s taste. I don’t need a doctor to drink tea. It’s all well and good that tea helps the body function better, but first and foremost, it has to taste good. This tastes like twigs and moss, which is what it is.

I am taste testing it against pu’erh tea, my least favorite type of real tea, to see if it improves my feelings for pu-erh. Guess what? The Zen Dog ( Moonlight Pu-erh isn’t so bad after all. It’s a white pu-erh, and it doesn’t smell, and taste, like most pu-erh’s, which is to say, dirt.

If the choice is moss tea or pu-erh tea, I think it’s clear which one wins. Moss tea is not happening in this house unless I have respiration, digestion, or circulation issues. If and when I do, I know where to look: up on the shelf, pushed to the side.  

Meanwhile, should I visit Iceland, I’m taking my own tea.