Cederberg Tea House

Driving home one day, I noticed a new tea shop where an old coffee shop had recently closed. As we already have 18 places to buy coffee in 6 blocks, I was relieved to see that this wasn’t going to be another coffee establishment. 

Instead, it’s tea. From South Africa. Yes, yes, they have teas from other parts of the world, and coffee as well, but as the owners are from South Africa, their interesting teas, tea blends, and tea concoctions are made with rooibos. Ok, rooibos isn’t technically a tea. It’s an herbal infusion. Picky, picky. 

The owner, Natasha Robson-Lovato, made me a latte with 2 shots through an espresso machine of rooibos and steamed milk, then drizzled honey and cinnamon over it. A skeptic by nature, I smiled and said I’d try it, though not entirely sure that I would like it. She made my friend something called a Rooibos Fresh, which was shots of rooibos and apple juice. 

Not a huge rooibos lover (I overdid it several times when I was younger), I was somewhat surprised at how pleasant the taste was. In fact, it was rather on the yum side. 

Additionally, we treated ourselves to a Pineapple Fridge Tart, which Natasha makes daily. It melts in your mouth, and slides down your throat. Oink! It was good. They also offer a Peppermint Crisp Tart, another of Natasha’s creations, who could soon be my new BFF. They have sweets, savories, and tea sandwiches daily. Go early; they sell out.

The Cederberg Tea House people are a family from South Africa: the parents, Cecile and Howard; the daughter, Natasha, and her American husband, Jason. Everyone works in the shop, and they regale you with tales of South Africa, tea, world travels, and the difficulties of becoming an American citizen. We who were born here, take our citizenship for granted, forgetting how appealing this country is to other cultures. 

The tea house is so different from any other tea houses around that that alone is worth a visit. Then there’s the creative teas and the snacketto’s, which are original sin. Go, already!

Cederberg Tea House, 1417 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

cederbergteahouse.com, 206-285-1352