Nicole Dawn Smith

Nicole Armstrong, Certified Tea Master, Yoga Teacher, and Holistic Health Coach, is a passionate health advocate in all areas of life. After pursuing a corporate career for many years, she decided to bring her personal passions first and foremost into her life. She attained her Certified Tea Mastery underneath the American & Canadian Tea Masters Associations with special mentoring by Japanese and European market expert, Sylvana Levesque. She presents public tea tastings, workshops, and freelance writes about tea to further foster American tea culture growth. Her tea workshops will also be featured at the 2014 NW Yoga Conference in Lynnwood, Seattle.

Nicole's education today continues in pursuit of her Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach as well as regular trips to Southern California to complete her advanced yogic training under Master Teachers, Diana Pipaloff and Jnana Nanda Bharati. Her goal is to spread the message that inexpensive health practices such as drinking tea, practicing yoga and meditation, and utilizing natural nutrition can help you return to your heart and fully sustain you towards your personal life mission.