Zuo Wang Tea

Zuo Wang Tea

Come visit Zuo Wang Tea as we will be providing Gong Fu tea service all day and educating people on our tea selection and preparation. This weekend we will be joined by tea shifu and aloeswood expert Hsueh Lu from Taiwan. He holds a wealth of knowledge in all things tea, and has a direct connection to our farms in Yunnan, China.

All of our Chinese teas come exclusively from old growth tea trees in Yunnan, ranging from 150 to 250 years old and are not sprayed with pesticides or genetically modified. Through extensive tea tasting we ensure our teas meet our high standards for taste, purity, and balanced qi. We are currently carrying white tea, red tea, sheng puerh, shou puerh. We also sell puerh aged 20+ years if specially ordered.

We will also be selling our Taiwanese Red and Green Oolong. The Green Oolong we offer comes from Fu So Li Shan area, which is widely considered to produce some of the best Oolongs in the world. This farm’s trees produce incredible tea leaves at approximately 2,500 meters.

High quality aloeswood incense from naturally diseased and deceased trees will also be offered, along with tea attire, and tea ware.

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