Pearl Soda Company

Our story is one of experimentation and surprise. It begins with a love for tea, a hot summer day, and a challenge to create an all-new kind of tea treat.

With 11 years of tea blending experience under its belt, The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company was blossoming. Its tea-loving employees were being made into tea experts – committed to excellence, but also to fun and laughter.

As afternoon sun beamed through our windows, a co-worker and I were speculating about the most refreshing summer treat we could make in the shop. We had plenty of tea at our fingertips – but also ice-cream: “What if we could make a TEA FLOAT?!” One tea blend, Dancing Dragon, had a decidedly root beer character. But without the bubbles, it fell short of expectations. Heather, co-owner of The Jasmine Pearl, pulled a soda stream out of the break room. Suddenly, Dancing Dragon floats became a delicious reality.

That was our first creation, but it didn’t stop there. The whole staff started experimenting wildly with tea sodas. Some of our favorites were total surprises – Lime Twist was so bright and flavorful! Some were weirder than we hoped – sorry, Ginger Peach! Every trial was exciting and soon we were sharing our creations with customers.

In March, 2016, we founded Pearl Soda Company. It was born of delight in the creative opportunities tea offers. Our four original flavors represent our tea experts' favorite experiments. Our hope is that you use these tea syrups to invent your own concoctions. Whether you are whipping up sparkling teas, cocktails, lattes, desserts, or something completely unimagined, we hope they bring you the same simple delight that we get from making them.