The Holy Himalayan Cow: Sustainable Tea Agriculture & Biodynamics

Day & Time: 
Sunday, October 2, 2016 -
11:45am to 12:45pm

In his first American lecture, Mr. Banerjee will outline a vision for the future of agriculture. Using a cow as an example, he will tie the benefits from this single animal to the ecosystem of a tea garden as a whole.
Hosting the conversation will be Mr. James Norwood Pratt, a major figure in the American tea renaissance and long time friend of Mr. Banerjee. A lively and dynamic duo, this talk will feature two of the tea community's leading voices.
Attendees will gain: - An understanding of how one of Darjeeling's most famous gardens transformed itself into a the fountainhead of sustainable agriculture -
The fundamentals of the philosophy underlying organic and biodynamic practices -
Time to interact with a pioneer of the Indian tea industry, the world's second largest