2016 Festival Program

The 2016 NW Tea Festival will be open:

10 AM - 6 PM Saturday, October 1st
10 AM - 4 PM Sunday, October 2nd

Entry is open to the public, with an admission fee of $15 per person.
Admission allows entry to both days - Saturday & Sunday.
Purchase two or more tickets and receive a discount of $5 off of the total fee.
Children under twelve are admitted free.

A porcelain tasting cup will be provided as part the admission fee. This tasting cup allows sampling of tea at the free tea-tasting sessions and at the exhibiting vendor booths.

There is no additional cost for stage presentations, tea tasting sessions or entry to the exhibiting vendor area.

Workshops do have additional fees.

We are currently developing the program schedule for 2017.
Check back here to see the 2017 program as the schedule is confirmed..

Below shows last year's 2016 festival program schedule.

See the complete 2016 program descriptions below for specific details.

Stage presentations and workshops shown above are described below.

The Northwest Tea Festival Tea Bar - New for this year
The Tea Bar is free and can be found in the south east corner of the Fisher Pavilion. It will be open throughout the afternoon and will be serving dozens of different kinds of tea in a variety of quick and fun themes.  Similar teas will be compared.  Unusual teas will be explored.  Rare teas will be savored. 
The tea bar is an opportunity for a couple of quick cups of tea with a educational bonus! Visit it and let us know how you like this new feature.

Tea Music
Performances to be held in area adjacent to the Tea Bar
Saturday 3:00pm-4:00pm again Sunday 2:00pm-3:00pm
Join Andy Buckman and TeaJ to experience and enjoy their original music which is drawn from the deep folk culture of Hakka tea farmers from the Chaozhou region in Guangdong.  The Hakka people have a deep folk culture that is often expressed in song.  TeaJ translates these songs into Western and African styles and specializes in playing relaxing music that expresses their love for tea and tea culture in China from an African and American perspective.